Thursday, January 21, 2016

Find What Makes Your Heart Come Alive

Please welcome guest writer Joshua Faltot. He's a fellow University of Mount Union graduate, professional writer (click here to view his books), and recently became a father. Today, he offers us inspiring words about reigniting the life within our hearts. This is such a timely piece, as so many of us have let the fire for life, which at one time burned so strongly, suffocate and extinguish. Here's to finding what makes your heart burn with aliveness!

Joshua and his wife
I love being comfortable (and who doesn’t, really?). Mainly because “comfort” often gets associated with so many desirable things: steady income, good relationships, and even living space. The need for comfort drives people to find personal happiness. Do this so you might be rewarded with that. Happiness is always on our agenda.

But, what’s the price for constant comfort anyway? Here are some thoughts on that:

When I got out of college, I wanted to be as comfortable as possible. Have a good job, see my friends, and eventually find a lucky lady to call my own. Because that’s what my version of comfort looked like: little to no adversity. So when I took my first job - an insurance analyst - I knew this job would help me get closer to that goal. Decent pay with decent hours equaled a decent living. Again, trying my best to be “comfortable.”

However, being an insurance analyst was probably last on my list of jobs-I’d-like-to-have-after-graduation. And yet, six years later I found myself doing the same thing. All for the sake of being comfortable. But, then it happened: I felt something taking over me. All of my comforts started to feel...well, boring.

But, why? What was boring about getting what I wanted? Then an epiphany hit me, like a lightning bolt straight to my heart. I didn’t feel alive. I wasn’t being tested; wasn’t being challenged. I wasn’t facing adversity. That was the difference. The one thing I thought I didn't need was what I needed all along.

So, here’s the deal: comfortable can feel great, but it won’t last forever. Ultimately, it’s a stagnant place in time. It’s like digging a hole and standing in it. Eventually you’ll want out, even if it’s comfortable down there. But, the climb might seem daunting. Too high. Too rocky. Too difficult. But, you have to. Why? Because you already know what it’s like in the hole. Why not climb out and see what the surface looks like? 

I say all this because when I finally decided to face adversity, I became a writer. And for me, that was the right choice. Now, I write to inspire and entertain people. For others, it could be taking up a new hobby. A change in scenery. Or maybe a single trip you’ve always wanted to make. The possibilities are endless. But, what matters most is that you find what makes your heart come alive. That’s the key. That’s the reward for being comfortably uncomfortable the rest of your days.

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